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Feeding machine
Program – operated fodder robot

• Controls 15 fodder dispensers – indepently of each other.
• All fodder despensers adjustable, individually from 0 to 1440 feedings per 24 hours.
• Programmable for daily updating of fodder in step with expected fish growth
• Daily reports on fish volume, fodder consumption and fish growth for each individual tank
• Programmable possibility for intervals rest
• Display of control box provided with Danish text (to be translated into English)

TORP Fodder system

Economical, environmentally friendly, easy to operate

• Optimum utilization of fodder – no waste
• Extremely accurate dosing of fodder – down to one gram per feeding – with 0,6 and 1,00mm granulation.
• Easy reajustment of fodder dosing
• Daily updating, which ensures optimum growth of fish volume.
• Great fodder saving, which results in less enviromental pollution
• Shorter period of growth.
• Lower cleansing expenses.
• Optimum utilisation of pond or tank capacity.
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