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Leaf Grid for fish farming
(PDF) Brochure
Leaf Grid for Fish Farming

The ERM CONCEPT leaf grids (patented system) ensres maximum and secure screening ar the entry point in fish farming ponds. Is is simply placed in the existig channel of entry.

• No screening waste
• Ery reliable
• Low electric consumption: 0,25 Kw
• Simplicity of installation
• Cost

Technical Data
• Stainless steel construction 304/316/316 TI, accordng to application
• 4 standard models: 1,5 m3/s – 0,8m3/s – 0,4m3/s – 0,2m3/s
• Mesh aperture: 1 mm to 20 mm or more
• Direction of the exit of the sheets: to the right or to the left
• Exit of the sheets: With a streamlet of water ensuring the evacuation of the screening waste (sheets, fish, etc.)
• Possible evacuation of dry waste to a var
Option: ramp for declogging
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