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KLP Serie

With this propeller-pump, we have designed an aeration pump with very low energy consumption.
Pumping height can vary from 10 cm. up to 125 cm.

Because of the unique design, the pump can be used in many different ways.
They can take water from the pond surface or from a depth of 12 metres.

The pump can also be installed with our aeration drum, which is self-cleaning and very reliable.

KLP 300 gives about 120 Lt/sec. at lift-height of app. 0,7 metres
Motor size is only 1,5 kW = 2HP.

The pump is very reliable, easy to maintain, and will last for years. It also has low maintenance costs.

The KLP 300 can also be used for recirculation and waste water treatment.

If you wish to download brochures and lists of repair parts click here
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