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KSC Serie
KP Propeller Pumps

KSC is a further development of our reliable KP propeller pump.

The pumps are used for recirculation and to oxidize clean water.

For KP propeller pumps we can also deliver different kinds of oxygen equipment.

KSC propeller pumps are made to perform 3-35 litres/sec. The pumps are made from stainless steel but are also available in ordinary steel.

Types of KSC propeller pumps

• KSC35 op to 3 litres/sek.
• KSC45 op to 5 litres/sek.
• KSC50 op to 10 litres/sek.
• KSC210 op to 35 litres/sek.
• Special sizes at request.

Performance of the pump :

• Robust and simply built.
• Good efficiency and low consumption of energy.
• Reliable and long durability.
• Vital parts made from stainless steel, bronze and rubber
• Motor built with thrust bearings and protected from dripping water.
• Low weight and simple mounting.

The pump is constructed in a way that ensures high reliability as well as low maintenance.

If you wish to download brochures and lists of repair parts click here
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