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Tank 200 l.
(PDF) Brochure
Lime Dosage machine 200 litre

With this machine we have created a machine that provides stable dosage, at small as well as large quantities and which is nearly independent of lime amount and quality.

The machine is constructed in a way that ensures high reliability as well as low maintenance.

The bottom plate under the tank rotates and leads the lime through the adjustable opening. This motion as well as the cone-shape of the lime tank (biggest at the bottom) ensures that the lime is continuously kept movable and thereby sinks downward.

The mechanical parts consist of lifetime lubricated gearboxes with three velocities. The lime tank is made from a steel plate with a rounded top edge.
Adjustment is made using two scaled registers. For further information, please Contact us .

Technically data:

• Tank size 200 litres.
• Length 1000 mm
• Width 750 mm
• Height 1100 mm
• Weight about 140 kg
• Dosage quantity 0.5 too 20 kg per. hour
• Max power consumption 400 W
• Voltage 220 or 380 v motor
• As extra equipment the lime dosage machine can be supplied with speed regulation, PH and temperature control.

If you wish to download brochures and lists of repair parts click here
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