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Equipment for KSF Fish pumps
Equipment for KSF Fish pumps


Used for separating fish from water.

Technical data:
• Inlet Pipe: 4” or 6”
• Outlet Pipe: 4” or 6”
• Size: ?

Extension for separator

An extension for Kjærgaard Maskinfabrik separator.
• Size: ?

Inlet funnel

The inlet funnel must be connected to the inlet hole.
• Hole size: 6mm 12mm

Inlet Pipe

Must be connected to the inlet. Used for pumping from fishing net

Inlet hose

The inlet hose is used to connect the fish pump directly to outlet pipe.

Fish tubes

We sell tubes for all our fish pumps contact us for more information.

Reductions pips / Hose connector

We also make reduction pipes and “female-male” hose connectors for our KSF fish pumps. Contact us for more information.

Lock fittings

We offer lock fittings in the following sizes:
• KSF 4"= 102mm.
• KSF 5"= 127mm.
• KSF 6"= 152mm.
• KSF 8"= 203mm.

If you wish to download brochures and lists of repair parts click here
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