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Combo "Force 7 & Rio"
(PDF) Brochure
The power of circulation combined with the strength of oxygen

• Aeration
• Oxigenation
• Degassing
• Circulation
• Destratification
• Foam fractionation
• Water and bottom depuration

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Combo Unit

Highly efficient circulator and aerator created by combining the Force 7 Aerator and the Rio Circulator.

The Combo unit is the ultimate solution in aeration for shrimp and fish farms in ponds. It can be used anywhere that requires effective air or oxygen injection and water movement. This unit features the Rio water circulator capable of mixing high volumes of water, and the Force 7 air or pure oxygen injector capable of injecting into the water high volumes of oxygen. When these two units work together, the injected oxygen is dispersed through high volumes of water in a manner that reduces the loss of oxygen to the atmosphere. The 5 hp Combo features a 2 hp Rio mixer capable of circulating 840,000 gallons of water per hour (3,000 cubic meters), and a 3 hp Force 7 aerator capable of injecting 20 to 22 pounds (9 to 10 kilos) of pure oxygen into the water per hour. SAE is 5.07 lb oxygen/kW/hour. No other aeration equipment is capable of combining so efficiently the circulation and oxygenation levels with such low horsepower requirements.

The Rio and Force 7 units can also operate independently for more flexibility in operation and costs. The Rio circulator can be used for continuous water movement, while the Force 7 aerator can be used at times when the oxygen levels are below optimum. The Rio is offered in 2 hp, and The Force 7 is offered in 2 or 3 hp.

Based on your aeration requirements, the motor specifications of the Combo can be custom made to fit your production demands.
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