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Force 7
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• Aeration
• Oxigenation
• Degassing
• Circulation
• Destratification
• Foam fractionation
• Water and bottom depuration

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Force 7

A powerful air or pure oxygen aerator that is a must in shrimp farming and intensive aquatic operations.

The Force 7 is the ultimate solution for aeration in salt and fresh water applications. This aerator, whose on board system is made of marine grade brass to withstand high salinity water, features a horizontal submerged Venturi type air and oxygen injection system. The Force 7 provides very high levels of oxygenation by transferring up to 7.74 lbs of air per hour into the water using the venturi principle, as well as good circulation, de-stratification and de-gassing. Since the system can be angled to point upwards or downwards and the depth varied by adjustment of the two snorkel tubes supporting the equipment below the float system, any of these features can be customized to meet individual needs.

The Force 7 has a SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency) of 3.52 lbs of oxygen per hour. It can be operated with either air or pure oxygen. Pure oxygen can be injected up to 7.66 lbs per hour with 95% efficiency in the dissolution. Pure oxygen gas is introduced directly into the venturi housing, behind the propeller, and into a threaded opening, which comes fitted with a blanking plug when delivered. This aerator is portable and easy to install with limited maintenance requirements. The Force 7 can be combined with the Rio circulator to create the Combo unit (see related description). The Force 7 can be installed together with the Splash vertical aerator to provide a system with both deep and surface aeration and circulation. Based on your specific aeration requirements, the Force 7 will supply your oxygen demand, increasing biomass sustainable levels. The Force 7 is available with different motor specifications to ensure compatibility with various electrical systems.
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