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• With Eoc2 circulation without further energy.
• With ECO2, water enriched with air or pure oxygen.
• ECO2 has been made in order to use water delivery more economically and in best conditions, that is oxygenized and stirred.
• To make the dissolution process faster.
• To transform the unwanted gases in water into small bubbles and eliminate them.

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ECO 2 Aerator

A Venturi Device used in aquaculture tanks and ponds. It is ideal for situations that require aeration and water movement at the same time.

The Eco 2 is a venturi device that can be fitted to the outlet end of any pipe or pumped water line to provide the added benefits of oxygen to the water. The round shape of the Eco 2 increases the oxygen transfer due to longer contact time between air and water. Like any venturi, the Eco 2 will require water pressure in order to enable it to draw air into the venturi housing. The Eco 2 comes standard with a series of 3 different sized nozzles allowing the air to water mixture ratio to be selected on site.

The Eco 2 is an ideal addition to small rearing tanks and ponds and can be used individually or in multiples attached to a common manifold in order to suit the environment in which it is used. An individual Eco 2 comes complete with a set of outlet nozzles sized, 15mm(0.6 in), 10mm(0.4 in) and 5mm(0.2 in) suitable for a water flow of 100 liter/minute(26 gallons/minute with an SOTR of 3.08 lbs per hour), 50 liter/minute(13 gallons/minute with an SOTR of 2.42 lbs per hour), 30 liter/minutes(8 gallons/minute with an SOTR of 1.5 lbs per hour), as well as a 1 inch water inlet hose fitting and a 3/4 inch air inlet hose fitting. A special bronze fitting is available for injection of pure oxygen. This application is excellent for fingerlings and other small fish.
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