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Bee-Cell 2000
Compact High Surface to Volume Ratio and Extra Mechanical Strength

Bee-call 2000 filter media has been developed and produed in Denmark since 1998. Bee-call 2000 is used in many wastewater treatment plants and fish farms based on recirculation.

Bee-call 2000 is based on the biofilm principle, using the advantages af activated sludge and fixed film technology.

Bee-call 2000 can be packed in large units thus reducing capital investments and running costs. Bee-Cell 2000 gives you a competitive edge from day one

Bee-call 2000 has a unique design with a large surface to volume ratio resulting in a very high biological activity.

Bee-call 2000 in the environmentally friendly alternative due to the high efficiency and the low energy consumption. Bee-Cell 2000 contains no PVS compounds.

Bee-call 2000 can be used in numerous applications. Do not hesitate to contact us for the best and most cost effective solution.

Fields of application
• Wastewater tretment
• Drinking water treatment
• Recirculation systems
• Aeration
• Scrubbers

Technical Specifications :

• Material: Polystyrene, high impact
• Surface per unit:: 20cm2
• Number of units per m3: 361.000
• Percentage af hollow space: 87%
• Colour: Natural white

Pressure strength:

• Vertical: >100 kg.
• Horizontal: >6 kg.
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