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• Remove bacteria and dissolved organic matter
• Capacity 100m3 hour
• Filtration below 1 micron
• Aerate and circulate
• Ix or floating installation

• Foam condensates at required density
• Foam liquefies mechanically without any water spray
• Foam or condensate removed under pressure, by gravity or mechanically

• Electric motor: Rpm 2800 – HP 1.5 – Kw 1.1. Height 150cm - Width 150cm – Diameter 10cm – Weight 95kg

• Accessories: Centrifugal systems to liquefy, foam pump, floats, cover.

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A foam fractionator removes harmful substances and filters the water by using a cyclonic counter current system. The Skim is designed to treat different volumes of water. It is specifically designed for live holding systems and closed circuits.

The Skim is a Foam Fractionator in which the contaminated foam is trapped at the top while the treated water is discharged from the bottom of the chamber. The Skim can be used for any application where removal of organic proteins is necessary such as in an existing aquaculture recirculation system, depuration, or live holding installation. The Skim can maintain up to 19,000 lbs of shellfish in a closed system with no water exchange. The Skim removes dissolved organic matter and fine particles, and has a flow rate of 26,400 gallons (100 cubic meters) of water per hour. It removes bacteria and has an aeration and degasification capacity to dissolve specific gases such as oxygen, ozone, and carbon dioxide.
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