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• Cirkulation

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Brio Circulator Engelsk tekst

A compact circulator used to prevent stratification in small/medium size water bodies. It also prevents the formation of ice during winter and aerates the water to prevent fish death.

The Brio is a compact circulator providing many of the benefits of the much larger circulators at a more affordable cost. It can be used to circulate, de-stratify and oxygenate large areas of water and can be used in conjunction with the Splash or Force 7 aerators to maximize the overall aeration effect. The Brio can be mounted from 1 to 32 feet (up to 10 meters) below the surface of the water. Since the system can be angled to point upwards or downwards and the depth varied by adjustment of the two poles supporting the equipment below the float system, any of these features can be customized to meet individual needs. The Brio is available with different motor specifications to ensure compatibility with various electrical systems.