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Diameter 60 cm

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Ostriga Engelsk tekst

Bivalve trays that allow for efficient circulation of water through the shellfish.

The Ostriga is a new, revolutionary system for shellfish cultivation, especially designed for oyster farming. Ostriga offers a large inner area and can keep up to 22 lbs (10 kg) of products in a single tray. Ostriga can come in 3 or 5 trays for 66 lbs. (30kg) or 110 lbs. (50kg) of product at harvest. A single tray can be stocked with 100 oysters to be harvested at a final weight of 3.5/4.2 ounces (100/120 gr) each. The round shape offers uniform circulation of the water inside the trays for a fast and uniform growth of the oysters. The Ostriga can be easily affixed to already existing long-line systems. The Ostriga comes completely disassembled to save volume and space during transportation and shipment. The Ostriga is the new revolutionary system for oyster cultivation. A minimum of 50 trays is required per order.