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Noeraa Dambrug
Noeraa Fish Farm has been rebuilt into a re-circulated model fish farm to which Kjaergaard Maskinfabrik has supplied large parts of the mechanical part of the system. Among other things we have supplied compressors for oxygenating the water in the channels and cleaning the biofiltres. Furthermore supplied the defusors, pumps, gratings, gangways etc.
Hoejrupgaard Put & Take
Hoejrupgaard Put and Take now has two lakes due to the creation of a new additional lake. The lakes are connected by means of a stream. Kjaergaard Maskinfabrik has supplied a circulator to create circulation and flow in the stream. The circulator is of the Rio Grande type of 2.6 kW and has a revoltion speed of 115 revoltions per minute.
Rocks Lodge Trout Farm Ltd. - Ireland
At Rocks Lodge Trout Farm Ltd, in Ireland, three KP150 propeller pump operate. The KP150 propeller pumps are all constructed with 1-phase motors (230V and about 7,5A). The KP150 propeller pumps have a performance of about 30 litres per second at a lifting height of 1,5 metres.
Sdr. Felding
Three Kjaergaard KLP800 Propeller pumps are used to help reticulate the water on a fish farm near Sdr. Felding in West Jutland. The pumps are controlled in a way which always leaves one of them on standby.
In this case we have supplied a fish farm in Karup in Denmark with one propeller pump and one drum.
Aarup Dambrug
Here are two KLP300 propeller pumps working together on a fish farm in the north of Jutland near Thisted.
Arrild Fiskesoe
At Arrild in the southern part of Jutland we have installed a KLP800 propeller pump. The purpose of the pump is to create a natural flow in the river by raising the water from the lake so it spills over into to the river.
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